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- WORLD CLIMATE & Infection Diseases -


Investigations on weather variables associated with virus diseases or infection diseases could help us to anticipate the future epidemics.                        

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- USA GENETIC - New epidemiology model -


This model is the open voice to a personalized medicine.  It includes single nucleotide, gene expression, methylation combined to diseases data.              

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MMR VACCINE and Autism

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- EU FIRST FOOD ENZYME evaluations -


This evaluation is an EFSA production. Published in full text, this document give agreement information for business.     

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- EU - European Network of Infectious Diseases


EUNID objective is to enhance and maintain co-operation, communication, and exchange of information on highly infectious diseases.                                                               

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- Mutation in TOR1AIP1 encoding LAP1B in a form of muscular dystrophy. A novel gene related to nuclear envelopathies.

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Hypomorphic PCNA mutation underlies a human DNA repair disorder.

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- USA EBOLA – Vaccine test begins -


20 healthy volunteers will test the safety and the adverse effects of this first vaccine.                                          

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- WORLD FOREST & Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) -


Environment change or instability as deforestation and forest fragmentation has a strong influence in the emerging diseases like Ebola or SRAS.          

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ISSN 2262-1997

Hypothesis of new pathogens Emergence would be a complex interaction of several new agents.

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- ANIMALS Focus -



challenge and achievements






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The Media has been entirely focused on the Ebola problem. It is indeed impossible to miss the information, so much so that it has created a smokescreen behind which further information on other equally serious or more deadly diseases has been forgotten. So it was really difficult to find a wide variety of articles and choose the editorial line of this September edition. 


The global media has published scary information about the Ebola virus. So, I propose you to transmit as largely as possible the video “Everything you need to know about the Ebola virus”. It is a complete and useful information tool to calm phantasms and ease fears.




Legislation category related to epidemiology of the journal has been removed. Moreover, we offer you a shorter format for each paragraph published in the journal – We also highlight the author of each publication with a very short resume. I hope this new format is going to entice you to read the articles suggested.



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- AFRICA EBOLA  & climatic factor association


Climatic factors as lower temperature and higher humidity could have influence on Ebola outbreak.     

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Brazil has authorized use of genetically modified mosquitoes after encouraging results of a controlled study.

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7th International Conference Ocular Infections



Date: September 3-4, 2015. Location: Barcelona, Spain. Topics: latest clinical and basic research







- WORLD SUICIDE – First WHO report -


Report provides a global knowledge base on suicide and suicide attempts. Suicide is a global phenomena and concerns any age and more than 800 000 people each year in the world.                                             

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Interactive e-learning modules on basic epidemiology is proposed by the University of Nottingham.



Effects of Mediterranean Diet



To measure its effects, an article was written by diet experts around the world.

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ON LINE courses in Epidemiology


This video has been removed of the journal at the date of 26/09/2014, because the author of the original paper has been accused of fraud. I propose you to read a point of view about the MMR vaccination controversy related to The Case of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Thanks a lot and my gratitude for both the vigilance of Pr Tim Sly Baby, of Dr Djojonegoro, and Dr Michael Greenberg, members of the journal forum. They permitted me to make the light about this story and helped to keep a good level of information in your journal.

Stéphanie Patin, journal editor