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- Prevention -


- QUEBECHealth Update on the Electronic Cigarette -

 The sale of Electronic Cigarettes (E-cigarettes) with nicotine is illegal in Canada. As specific norms of production for E-cigarettes are non existent, synthetic chemical contaminating agents and impurities have been detected in E-cigarettes. The labeling of cigarette cartons does not always reflect what a cigarette really contains. Indeed, nicotine has been detected in supposedly nicotine-free cigarettes (according to the label). The sale of nicotine-free cigarettes is allowed as long as it is not seen as a quit smoking aid. Consequently, people of all ages in Quebec can buy them in retail shops and use them. *

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The virus has spread at a rapid pace, triggering massive vaccination efforts. Earlier in 2013, polio was confined to three so-called “endemic countries” -- Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan -- where the virus has never been snuffed out.  Combined there were fewer than 100 cases in those three countries. Since the virus re-emerged in the Horn of Africa, there have been at least 160 polio cases in Somalia alone, and the virus has spread to Kenya and Ethiopia.


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 Stability of MERS-CoV


The stability of the MERS-CoV was determined at 20°C – 40% relative humidity (RH); 30°C – 30% RH and 30°C – 80% RH. MERS-CoV was more stable at low temperature/low humidity conditions and could still be recovered after 48 hours. During aerosolisation of MERS-CoV, no decrease in stability was observed at 20°C – 40% RH. These data suggest the potential of MERS-CoV to be transmitted via contact or fomite transmission due to prolonged environmental presence .* 

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- Statistics -


- CANADA - Aeolian and impact on health - Synthesis -

- The level of noise generated by wind turbines does not cause direct impact on hearing health (fatigue or hearing loss) of people living nearby. Although wind turbines emit infrasound and new studies offer communication channels allowing the ear to detect, there is still no evidence that formally supports health effects are caused by infrasound. No cases of photoconvulsive crises linked to wind have been documented. Injuries or deaths are uncommon and usually affect workers during the construction phase and maintenance of wind turbines. Depending on the values ​​of the available studies, the levels of electric and magnetic fields of wind turbines are not sufficient to cause health effects. *

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-  Folder  -



Polio Outbreak

Thwarts Global Eradication Effort


- Training -


- CHILE - VII IAAS Course -

- Date: 24 and 25 October 2013

Location: Intercontinental Hotel Santiago - Vitacura Santiago 2885
Organization: Advisory Committee IAAS and the Chilean - Infectious Diseases Society.

Topics: "The prevention of health care-associated infections: coping with the current emergency and prepare for the future".*

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- Europe -


- UKRAIN - First place in Europe in mortality from cardiovascular disease -

- Ukraine takes the first place in Europe in mortality from cardiovascular diseases. More than 12 million people suffer from hypertension in Ukraine. This disappointing statistic has encouraged the government to launch a pilot project for the state regulation of prices of drugs for hypertension. Each patient with hypertension can get a big discount on the appropriate remedy. A campaign was launched to recover the costs of drugs. Amendments to the program were recently adopted and 90% of the cost of some medications will be recovered. This pilot project succeeded in attracting 20% of patients (number of patients increased from 10% to 30%) to treat hypertension .*

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- Networking -


- USA - GeoSentinel worldwide network for the surveillance of travel related morbidity -

- It was initiated in 1995 by the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as a network of ISTM member travel/tropical medicine clinics.  GeoSentinel is based on the concept that these clinics are ideally situated to effectively detect geographic and temporal trends in morbidity among travelers, immigrants and refugees.*

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- New syndromes emergence   -


- Increased fracture risk and low bone mineral density in patients with loeys-dietz syndrome -  ››› Read


- High MMP-9 activity levels in fragile X syndrome are lowered by minocycline -   ›››› Read


- Riociguat for the treatment of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension - ›››› Read



- Legislation -


- AFRICAN UNION Memorandum of Understanding to control avian influenza H7N9 -

- A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between FAO and the African Union Commission (AUC) has been signed. During the signing ceremony, both institutions agreed, under the project “Emergency support to global and coordinated response to influenza A (H7N9) virus in poultry and other animal populations”, to step up their collaboration in preventing, controlling and mitigating the potentially harming socio-economic consequences on poultry population, human health and livelihoods of an influenza A (H7N9) outbreak on the continent . *

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- Emergences  -


- RWANDA - The First national survey on HIV/Aids -

- Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC), and the Ministry of Health (MoH), are carrying out the first national survey on behavioral, clinical and biologic indicator for HIV/Aids. The survey that kicked off in mid June has been so far conducted in two provinces that include the Western and Northern provinces. Soon, it will be done in other provinces. The survey will be conducted to provide population-based estimates of HIV prevalence and HIV occurrence as well as behavioral risk factors, like syphilis, gonorrhea and others Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) .*

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- Vigilance  -


- ISRAEL - Insidious reintroduction of wild poliovirus -

- Wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) was isolated from routine samples collected during epidemiological week 15 (7 to 13 April 2013) in sewage treatment facilities in Beer Sheva and Rahat, two cities in Israel’s Southern district. Beer Sheva, the regional commercial centre, has a population of about 200,000. It is situated 20 km south of Rahat and there is considerable population movement and commerce between the two cities .*

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ISSN 2262-1997

N 28

* Excerpt’s article

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ISSN 2262-1997

Infectious diseases are a global threat because they can emerge anywhere on the planet and spread quickly. Moreover, microbes as well as viruses and parasites do not respect national borders. Infective agent ability to cross national borders erodes the states’ capability to prevent and control diseases. In this paper, issues that will have to be addressed for world prevention of emerging or re-emerging human or animal infections (including zoonoses) are discussed .*

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 9th World Stroke Congress



October 22-25, 2014, Istanbul

Topics: Chronic Diseases, Clinical Trials, Epidemiological Studies, Epidemiology, Neuro-Imaging, Neurology, Acute Care,

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-  Agenda -


- Animals Focus -


International law

and emerging infectious diseases



AEA - 2013 Conference



October 21th, 2013, University of Queensland, Brisbane.

Topics: life course epidemiology, which investigates the role of biological, behavioural and psychosocial processes that link adult health and disease risk to physical and social exposures during life or across generations.

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Update Questions and Answers



What is MERS CoV?

What are coronaviruses?

What is the source of MERS CoV?

Can animals become infected ? *

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- Food / Agriculture -


HONG KONG -  FAO-OIE united in Rinderpest post-eradication programme -

- The FAO and OIE launch a campaign warning against the risks of accidental or deliberate release of the rinderpest virus. FAO and OIE call on its Member Countries to destroy the virus, or safely store it in approved facilities .*

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on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology



5-7 November 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

Topics: strengthening and expanding the human network of all involved in applied infectious disease epidemiology et all

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