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Legal information


Copyright: All production, reproduction or representation of this site, in whole or in part (text, sounds or images) on any media is prohibited. Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement which may result in civil and criminal penalties.


Computing and freedom : Epidemiological News (EN) site is making no processing of personal data. It is therefore exempt from declaration to the CNIL under the exemptation n°6 : Decision No. 2005-284 of 22th November 2005 decided the exemption from reporting or broadcasting web sites collecting personal data carried out by individuals in part of a purely personal activity.


Intellectual property: Epidemiological News respects the intellectual property rights and we ask  you to respect them as well.

If a violation is brought to your intellectual property rights, please let us know at

The citation rights: Epidemiological News mentions the articles authors who are posted on the Web. The titles of the works, as well as the works themselves, are protected by copyrights. Epidemiological News respects those copyrights and is working systematically to return the titles as they are (being careful not to turn them) and to cite the author and source.


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Responsibilities: Links are available and implemented on the site manually or automatically. That direct you to other Web sites or other Internet sources. Epidemiological News has no control or responsibility of third party websites or external documents to which redirect the links. Those Websites, documents and content of any kind are subject to change, updated or deleted at any time by the editor who takes responsibility for their accessibility to the public. Epidemiological News has no control prior to the formulation of these links, nor on the changes that have taken place on these links.


Abuse signalment: Each user of Epidemiological News can report illegal contents, linked to racial hatred, pornography, violence, attacks on children from a relationship established between the Epidemiological News and another website.




Conditions: The Web pages utilization of the Epidemiological News is free. No membership is required for website access to its content. In this context, the Epidemiological News makes every effort to bring you the information and the latest data, as it is broadcast on the web. The contents and information on this site can't be used for business transactions or to make investment decisions.


Service description: The Epidemiological News aims to provide information related to the discipline of epidemiology for the professionals working in this sector. The information provided is suitable for a professional audience.


Technical assistance: for any malfunction of the site, please notify us by sending an email to the following email address:

The Epidemiological News logo: the logo can be reused under certain conditions to create a link to the site or for illustration purposes. Please, inform us, and ask us of this possible use. Send us an e mail.


Publishing policy


This publishing policy defines the moral framework for editing and publication in the "Epidemiological News" (EN). It engages all authors or editorial team publishing within EN.




The charte and the publishing policy are available to anyone requesting. It will be necessarily introduced ​​at any author or associated wishing to publish in the EN.


For whom the information is published?


The information provided within the Epidemiological News site aims to bring news about the epidemiology discipline to the professionals working in this sector. The information provided are therefore suitable for a professional audience.


Topics of the Epidemiological News


- Prevention

- Statistics

- Video

- Folders

- New syndromes emergence

- Networking

- Legislation

- Vigilance

- Training and promotion

- Animal focus

- Information on the scientific conferences / symposium

- Projects, activities and programs implemented to advance the discipline

- Food and agriculture


Main principle


Newsletters include information published on the web to make a summary of existing information in the field of epidemiology.




- Who writes? Stephanie Patin is the lead writer of the journal.

- Role of the associated editorial team: to choose articles and submit references the more relevant and updated possible.

 - Rhythm/ editions periodicity: the newsletter is published monthly, except in July and August.

 - Who's managing the pictures ? The available images on this site are leased upon


Methodologies for evaluating articles

All articles chosen for the journal are reviewed and screened by the editor team. The texts chosen come from official issues and serious references. 


- Who approves the texts? The lead writer of the newsletter Epidemiological News valid the texts. But it has no control or responsibility of the third party websites or external documents to which the links are redirected for the newsletter. However, it checks the sources published in the newsletter.  The Web sites, documents and content of all kinds used in reference to the newsletter may be changed, updated or deleted at any time by their editors who take responsibility for their accessibility to the public.


The Epidemiological News editor has no prior control to the formulation of these links, nor on the changes that have taken place on these links.


Munich charter , 1971, 24th November


The journal inserts its action within the rules of the Munich charter and strives to respect the charter and « the ethical principles » of the journalists’ profession.


The journal strives to give as much attention to small organizations as to larger ones

- not to prejudice the opinion of a given organization

- to give an equal treatment of information

- to oppose the publication of all information contrary to the texts in effect and libelous

- to check the nature and the source of every communication


At a time where there are many types of services which allow everyone to broadcast information without follow-up, nor control, these efforts are part of the prerequisites that Epidemiological News Journal whishes to maintain. By guaranteeing this control in regard to these criteria, the journal has never been put in doubt during the broadcasting of its news releases, and thus acting as guarantee for the entire body of its partners.


Editorial rules


Independence: the journal is independent of the state supervision or private organizations. If not, because of possible advertising links, it will be followed by an independent strategy adopted by authors of articles linked with these structures.  Authors of articles published on the site of EN must ensure, as much as possible, of avoid links that could cause interest conflicts or conflict suspicion of interest coming from people or organizations outside of the network.


Impartiality: the impartiality principle requires that studied issues must be based upon a neutral attitude. It must be based on arguments and a scientific methodology by avoiding to impose his personal opinions. 


Duty of confidentiality: the duty of confidentiality places restrictions on freedom of expression, without retain or infringe freedom of expression.

Any author published on the site of EN can’t speak for or in the name of the "Epidemiological News". 


Any press statement made ​​under the name of "Epidemiological News" should be subject to prior approval from the founder and editor of the "Epidemiological News."




EN is a private initiative, managed by a voluntary work and totally financed by Stéphanie Patin.


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