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- Prevention -


- GAMBIA - Investigating improved access to pneumonia vaccine -

-  Currently this vaccine is given in a single dose preparation which means that the syringe contains only 1 shot. A pharmaceutical company has entered into an agreement with GAVI to improve access to PCV-13. To increase affordability in this programme, the company is developing an equivalent vaccine preparation but will put several doses into the vial. Storage costs can be reduced and the vaccine becomes more affordable for more countries.*

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Scientists use "Vomiting Larry" in order to study the traveling distance of norovirus. The goal of said vomiting system is to study the reach and dispersion of human vomitus, which is one of the primary ways that diseases such as norovirus can spread.  Outbreaks are generally triggered when humans ingest contaminated food or water, but can continue when subsequent people come in contact with surfaces that have been contaminated by the initial patient's effluvium. ›››› Read


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- HIV -

- ARV Therapy for first time ! - AFGHANISTAN -


Forty of the 504 people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan will be provided with standard antiretroviral therapy for the first time, as efforts are made to boost control of the killer disease, the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has said. Three antiretroviral drugs will be used to suppress the virus and stop the progression of AIDS, according to WHO. The drugs will be freely distributed - initially in Kabul and Herat provinces - and more patients could be entitled to them in future .* 

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- Statistics -


- MEXICO - Reference algorithm for the serological diagnosis of Chagas disease - 

- Chagas disease, from the Americas, is caused by a protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. The diagnosis is based on clinical, epidemiological and laboratory.  For a correct diagnosis and timely, it is important to consider the mode of transmission, clinical phases and pathophysiology of the disease. This action led to the selection of a clinical sample to be analyzed by appropriate proceedings .*

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A vomiting Robot Project

- UK -

- Training -


- UK - 20th Intensive Course in Applied Epidemiology -

March 4, 2013 – March 8, 2013, King's College, University of Aberdeen  

The course is particularly aimed at practitioners and researchers in musculoskeletal disease, it covers concepts and methods common to all chronic disease epidemiology. At the end of the course, delegates will have covered the principles of study design, the collection and analysis of data in epidemiological studies, and various methodological aspects of epidemiological study, including bias, confounding, validity and reliability.

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Accidental or deliberate release of animal pathogens can have disastrous repercussions for public health, economies, and social stability because 60% of human infectious diseases originate from animals (zoonoses) and, infectious diseases of animals also cause huge losses to agriculture. The best way to protect the entire world from rising bio-threats linked with animal pathogens is to ensure that all national Veterinary Services comply with OIE international standards on quality. Unfortunately today, the quality of surveillance and response mechanisms for animal diseases varies from country to country . *

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Traditional Asian Medicine

International Congress 



September 9-13, 2013

Sancheong, Changwon, Korea
Theme: Beyond Integration: Reflections on

IASTAM (International Association for the Study of Traditional Asian Medicine) membership is made up of academics and clinicians, pharmacologists and epidemiologists.

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-  Agenda -


- Animals Focus -


Instability and weak veterinary services pose a threat to world security

 - WORLD -

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- Europe -


- EUROPE -  Call for action to fight against antimicrobial resistance (AMR) -

On 10 December 2012 European Parliament called for an immediate action to fight against antimicrobial resistance.   AMR is a well know major public health threats. Antibiotic have become essential for the treatment of infection diseases in human and in veterinary medicine. Antimicrobials are used in food safety and  has contributed to improve public health. However their use has been accompanied by an increase of resistance microorganisms to one of more of those antimicrobial agents, so called antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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- Networking -


- WORlD - Global Outbreak Alert & Response Network -

- The Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN) is a technical collaboration of existing institutions and networks who pool human and technical resources for the rapid identification, confirmation and response to outbreaks of international importance. The Network provides an operational framework to link this expertise and skill to keep the international community constantly alert to the threat of outbreaks and ready to respond .*

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- New syndromes emergence   -


- Lethal arteriopathy syndrome associated with a novel mutation in FBLN4 gene -  

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- A potential treatable form of autism with epilepsy -

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- Legislation -


- USA -  Tobacco companies are told to correct lies about smoking -

A federal judge ordered tobacco companies to publish corrective statements that say they had lied about the dangers of smoking and that disclose smoking’s health effects, including the death on average of 1,200 people a day. Each corrective ad is to be prefaced by a statement that a federal court has concluded that the defendant tobacco companies “deliberately deceived the American public about the health effects of smoking .*

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- Emergences  -


- SWITZERLAND - Tutorial in estimating the prevalence of disease in absence of gold standard diagnostic -

Epidemiological methods for estimating disease prevalence in humans and other animals in the absence of a gold standard diagnostic test are well established. Despite this, reporting apparent prevalence is still standard practice in public health studies and disease control programmes, even though apparent prevalence may differ greatly from the true prevalence of disease. Methods for estimating true prevalence are summarized and reviewed. A computing appendix is also provided which contains a brief guide in how to easily implement some of the methods presented using freely available software.*

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- Vigilance  -


- UK - New warnings over a rise in counterfeit condoms -

 - The government's health regulator has warned there are a rising number of counterfeit condoms being smuggled into to the UK. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency (MHRA) claims millions have been illegally imported in the last 18 months.  Family planning experts say the bogus condoms don't provide protection against STIs or pregnancy. Tests carried out on many of the fakes show they have a high burst rate.*

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ISSN 2262-1997

N 22

26th ÉMOIS journey



21th to 22th March 2013

Palais des Congrès, Nancy, France

Topics: Surveillance and vigilance, PMSI and Epidemiology, Medical Data Security.
Which model of organization for the production of health information?

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ISSN 2262-1997


MRSA in companion animals



Worldwide, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a leading cause of infectious diseases in humans and animals. MRSA harboring mecALGA251 has been isolated from humans and ruminants. Database screening identified this MRSA variant in cats, dogs, and a guinea pig in Germany during 2008–2011. The novel MRSA variant is not restricted to ruminants or humans, and contact with companion animals might pose a zoonotic risk.

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