Why the journal « Epidemiological News » ?


The objective is to turn the spotlight on breaking news and information, by offering an exclusive range of contents. The journal is a summary of existing international information in the field of epidemiology published on the web in the last 4 weeks.


The Philosophy of the journal:  slow down, in order to master time



With ever-present news fed by the media, there is a continuous flow of information which gives us hardly any time to step back in order to be able to assess the scope of information with sufficient depth. Since its creation, the Epidemiological News Journal has aimed at deliberately slowing down this increasingly rapid flow.

The Journal wisely offers a break from the news as a way to escape from the wild race we are urged to run by the Digital Age. 


The Journal is published monthly on a date that may vary depending on how relevant the information found on the Net is. Thus, if we consider that there is nothing of interest to share, the journal is not published.  The editorial board composed of four people who volunteer to provide you with updated information has always tried to follow this ethical guideline.  The Journal remains free of charge with no advertising or financial support. Until now. How long will that last? I am afraid I can’t say.


Mastering time is our greatest strength and we all do our best so that you may benefit from the most relevant information. The Journal is also able to keep track of our time and does not stray from the path of fast-track information. We offer you a quicker access to information with updates published on social networks, best adapted for this kind of information.

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Professional audience - Area discussion


Welcome to the website of the journal dedicated to professionals of epidemiology. If you work in this sector, and if you want to discuss with  other professionals, join one of our networks.


Publication pace & place


The journal is published monthly and sent ONLY via the networks.  In order to receive the journal automatically, subscribe to one of our networks. It is free.

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