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I’m glad to announce that since this month, a new competence, Giuseppe Noce, veterinarian based in Italy joined the editorial team of the news. Giuseppe helps to the selection articles related to legislation in veterinary sector.


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A nod for veterinarians: a method to clean the inside of your computer screen


I whish you very nice and happy end of year celebrations.


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- Prevention -


- Colombia- Mellitus Diabetes -Prevention Program -

- The Ministry of Health and Welfare and eight health care organizations came together to advance social mobilization for the prevention and care of diabetes in Colombia, with a population strategy that has priority prevent overweight and obesity by generating physical activity and healthy eating among Colombians.*

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Focus on an unfair industry, polluting and dangerous for health. To offer leather always cheaper in clothing, manufacturers have moved their production to low-wage countries like Bangladesh. The industry havocs: child labor, pollution, skin diseases, tuberculosis, cancer. In Europe, authorities are concerned about the arrival of leather stuffed with dangerous products. Workers who work in tanneries are contaminated with chromium, mercury and other products banned in Europe. The river of the city, only source of drinking water for the city's industrial tannery is contaminated with hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic waste from tanneries. Toxic waste also invade the food chain. Scraps and waste of leather are combined with other chemicals to then be resold to be associated with feeding fish and poultry. Video In French Only !


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Assessment of the exposure of workers

- Quebec -


For the first time, results of assessing concentrations of nanomaterials (NM) from actual cases of occupational exposure are published. They stem from a study whose main objective was to assess the exposure to NM, or ultrafine particles (PUF) and nanoparticles (NP) .* 

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- Statistics -


- Palestine -Demographic and Epidemiological transition -

- Transition is expressed as: within the last decade male life expectancy increased from 69.0 in 1997 to 70.2 years in 2008, while life expectancy for females did not change and stands at 73 years. Fertility is declining in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The average age of the population will increase as fertility declines and children make up a shrinking percentage of the population. Behind the standard health indicators lies much suffering. People often report being negatively affected by constant military conflicts. These may well be contributory factors to the ‘epidemic’ of chronic diseases that is emerging. Communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, diarrhoeal diseases and acute respiratory infections, zoonotic diseases such as brucellosis still persist .*

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Public health scandal

Leather factory

- Bangladesh -

- Training -


- Belgium - Course of APHES: Association of Public health in Emerging Situation -

1 July, 2013 (at 9am) to 12 July, 2013 (at 2pm) – total: 9.5 days

University catholic university of Louvain in Brussels

Topic: introduction to the method and tools of epidemiology in the determination of impacts of disasters and conflicts and assess the needs of affected populations.

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The authors compiled a white paper on this issue with the objective to discuss the impact animal health has on public health risk due to foodborne illness from meat, milk, eggs, and poultry. A model has been developed that predicts the increase in the days of human illness (due to campylobacteriosis) per year according to the number of subclinically ill poultry harvested. This model shows that even minor changes in Campylobacter loads in poultry products could have substantial impacts on public health . *

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International conference New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics 2013

- Belgium -


5th to 7th March 2013 – 

Bruxelles, Belgium.

Topics: New ways of collecting, accessing and using big amount of data; Integration,  consolidation, combination of multiple data sources; Analysing data; Distributing, presenting and accessing data and microdata; Support for evidence-based policymaking; Use of standards for Official Statistics.

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-  Agenda -


- Animals Focus -


White paper

on relationship between animal health and food security

- World -

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- Europe -


- Europe -  A novel coronavirus - ECDC reaction -

- Five of the confirmed cases reside in Saudi Arabia (including three fatalities) two in Qatar and two in Jordan. Three of the confirmed cases from Saudi Arabia are from the same family household and there is also a fourth probable case. The reservoir and route of transmission of this virus has not been identified but all cases were reported from the Arabian Peninsula.  The detection of two clusters could indicate limited person-to-person transmission or exposure to a common source. However, only careful investigation can help to distinguish between those two. ECDC conducted a survey on the laboratory capacity testing in EU/EEA member states in coordination with WHO Regional Office for Europe and the results are expected to be available next .*

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- Networking -


- World - Climate Change -  (E3) Network -

- The E3 network would connect epidemic intelligence and infectious disease surveillance data (currently housed at ECDC) with meteorological variables, entomological data, water quality records, air quality measures, remote sensing information, geology, population density and many other information sources. Through integrating and synthesizing these data sets, disease surveillance systems would be able to incorporate and analyse environmental precursors to disease pandemics, thus preparing public health to meet the challenges of our time.*

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- New syndromes emergence   -


- Aphonia, microstomia, deafness, retinal dystrophy, duplicated halluces and intellectual disability -  

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- A Hypermorphic Missense Mutation in PLCG2, Encoding Phospholipase Cγ2, Causes a Dominantly Inherited Autoinflammatory Disease with Immunodeficiency.

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- Legislation -


- Europe -  New rapid test approved for BSE surveillance -

Transmissible Spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) is a group of human and animals diseases. Human TSEs include Kuru and Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (CJD). European Union has established rules against TSEs since 2001, including the monitoring of TSE in ruminants. Following the legislation, each member state countries of the European Union (EU) conducts an annual program of monitoring of TSE in ruminants including a screening procedure using rapid tests. In 2011, using one of the approved rapid tests, 28 cattle, 1589 sheep and 366 goats were positive. On 14 November 2012, the list is modified by Regulation (EU) No 1064/2012, including rapid tests.*

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- Emergences  -


- Quebec - Newsletter in Environmental Health (BISE) -

The BISE is a tool for communication and scientific reference and aims to achieve the following objectives: 1) Update and develop scientific knowledge in environmental health, according to several disciplinary approaches. 2) Provide a common space to promote the dissemination and sharing of experiences among stakeholders in environmental health from various regions of Quebec. 3) Promote scientific productions of Health and Environment Unit of the Institut national de santé publique du Québec and those produced by regional teams of public health departments. 4) To disseminate relevant scientific content .*

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- Vigilance  -


- World - 2013 Call for Fellows of the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology -

 - The Fellowship and Awards Committee will consider all completed applications received in the ISPE Office by February 27, 2013 for Fellow status to be conferred in 2013. The Subcommittee will submit its recommendations to the ISPE Board of Directors for consideration at the Board's Mid-Year Meeting. All applications approved will be inducted at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.*

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13th National Congress of Health Observatories

- France -


4 & 5 April 2013, Bordeaux, congress

Topics: "Observation: new scope, new challenges"

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