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 World Health Report 2012

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Under the theme Research for Health, The World Health Report 2012 will be the first World Health Report to discuss the impact of health research. The theme was selected in part to meet WHO's core function of "stimulating the generation, translation and dissemination of valuable knowledge. WHO offers to send your contribution by sharing your ideas, videos, photos to this email address: researchstrategy@who.int

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- Prevention -


HIV: Treatment as prevention: will it work? - Treatment as prevention as an option in Europe is complicated by the fact that the HIV epidemic affects mostly socially vulnerable or marginalised groups who experience multiple barriers to accessing services and adhering to treatment. With enough people in treatment, the treatment as prevention option will help to reduce HIV transmission however, there is as of yet no evidence that this will reverse HIV trends in Europe.

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as a cause of health problems

United Kingdom



« Why inequality is bad for you ? - and for everyone else ! Richard Wilkinson, emeritus professor of social epidemiology at the University of Nottingham Medical School explain that a wide range of social problems and inequality are instigating health disorders such as: physical and mental illness, violence, low math and literacy scores among young people, lower levels of trust and weaker community life, poorer child well-being, lower social mobility and higher rates of imprisonment and teenage births.*


6th Francophone Conference of Clinical Epidemiology EPICLIN 6

From 9 to 11th  may 2012, associated to 19th days of Statisticians Centre for the Fight against Cancer. Lyon, FRANCE.

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- Statistics -


Using Geographical Information Systems Mapping to Identify Areas Presenting High Risk for Traumatic Brain Injury - This study shows how geographic information systems can be successfully used to investigate hospitalization rates for traumatic brain injury using a range of tools and techniques; findings can be used for local planning of both injury prevention and post discharge services, including rehabilitation. *

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- Europe -


HIV infection and AIDS in the European Union and European Economic Area, 2010 - In 2010, a total of 27,116 newly diagnosed HIV infections were reported by 28 countries of the European Economic Area, with evidence of continuing transmission and no clear signs of decline. The predominant mode of transmission and increasing trend of HIV in the EU/EEA was due to sex between men. An increase in AIDS diagnoses in several countries and a high proportion of late presenters suggest delayed access to treatment and care.

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- Networking -


ECDC fifth annual report on the epidemiology of communicable disease in Europe A number of concerns are raised relating to: the number of tuberculosis cases, the developing epidemic of measles, antimicrobial resistance and lessons learned from the pandemic of 2009 and 2010. It also identifies emergent diseases that might pose a risk to public health in Europe, such as West Nile virus, malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya. *

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The use of growth promoters in animal production: experts and governments positions (Canada and Europe) - "There are several growth promoters, hormones or not, to promote muscle gain in animals for slaughter, especially in adult cattle." "Epidemiologically, in 2007, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) said that there is no evidence that residues of growth promoters in meat posed a risk to human health ".

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- New syndromes emergence  -


HPPD: A newly recognized autosomal dominant disorder involving hypertelorism, preauricular sinus, punctal pits, and deafness mapping to chromosome 14q31.

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Exome sequencing identifies MRPL3 mutation in mitochondrial cardiomyopathy

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Megacystis, megacolon, and malrotation: a new syndromic association?

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A Fatal Mitochondrial Disease Is Associated with defective of NFU1

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- Legislation -


International Health Regulations (IHR) - Ar With the support of WHO, the 194 States Parties to the International Health Regulations (IHR) have been implementing these global rules to enhance national, regional and global public health security. Key milestones for the countries include the assessment of their surveillance and response capacities and the development and implementation of plans of action to ensure that these core capacities are functioning by 2012. *

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European Fair of Clinical and epidemiological research organized by the AFCROs (French Association of Clinical Research Organizations)

January 24,th 2012, FRANCE, Paris

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Fun and unusual


Fun method of prevention



Because a finger is enough to fiddle with and get tested for HIV (with removal of a drop of blood),  AIDS launches SEXY FINGERS to do him honor. Your fingers strolling on the screen of your smartphone, it becomes the fingers which can compose music while touching lots of erogenous zones on sexy cartoons .

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