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- WORLD - Global genomic data-sharing effort kicks off -

- The number of sequenced human genomes will soon jump from the thousands to the millions. But a recently established high-profile coalition says that if scientists want to make the most of this deluge, they need to pool their data. Composed of leading researchers, funders, businesses and advocates, the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health plans to establish technical, ethical and legal and clinical guidelines to make it easier to share genomic data.

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In 16 years, cancer will become the leading cause of death in the United States, surpassing heart disease, according to a new report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. The number of new cancer cases is expected to increase nearly 45% by 2030, from 1.6 million cases to 2.3 million cases annually. This influx of new patients will place a bigger burden on a field of medicine already stretched by physician shortages and financial difficulties, says the report, which highlights growing problems for cancer care in the United States.

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A giant virus, 30,000 years old, has just been reawakened


Scientists in France have awoken a gigantic, ancient virus from its 30,000-year-long slumber in Siberian permafrost — and found that it’s ready to infect again. There’s no need to scour eBay for a HAZMAT suit: the virus, dubbed Pithovirus sibericum, only infects single-celled amoebas. However, the discovery has scientists wondering what other microbes are hidden in melting permafrost awaiting another chance to infect.

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- WORLD - Link between Anger and acute cardiovascular events -

- Mediated through increases in circulating catecholamines, increased myocardial oxygen demand, coronary vasospasm, and increased platelet aggregability, anger can cause transient ischaemia, disruption of vulnerable plaques, and increased thrombotic potential. These changes can then result in myocardial or cerebral ischaemia or malignant arrhythmias. Multiple studies have shown that acute mental stress (in a laboratory setting) can provoke ischaemia of similar or greater severity and extent to exercise in 40–70% of patients with coronary artery disease, and this type of ischaemia increases the long-term risk of fatal and non-fatal cardiac events.

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- Cancer will be No. 1 killer -

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- USA - National Training Conference on the Toxics Release Inventory and Environmental Conditions in Communities -

Date: May 7-9, 2014. Location: Arlington, Virginia.

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- EUROPE - New online risk assessment tools published -

- In the last months, several new tools have been published in OiRA. This takes the total number of online interactive risk assessment (OiRA) tools available to 15. The new tools cover different sectors including hairdressing, catering and private security. They have been developed in several countries including Belgium, Spain, Lithuania and Greece and by EU social partners. This is one step forward on the way to putting OiRA at the centre of strategies for risk prevention. Around another 50 more tools are currently under development. OiRA is a European online platform to create free and easy-to-use sectoral risk assessment tools for small and micro-companies.

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- SINGAPORE Asthma Care- Mobile App -

- AsthmaCare Buddy is the first asthma care management mobile application developed by SingHealth Polyclinics that allows patients with asthma to assess and manage their asthma control. Through this app, SingHealth Polyclinics hopes to encourage and promote active participation among people with asthma in managing their health. In this app, you will find: Tools and action plans for monitoring asthma conditions; Tips on ways to maintain good asthma control; Instructional videos in using the different types of inhalers; Reminder for vaccinations; Listing of GP clinics in Singapore.

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- 9q31.1q31.3 deletion in two patients with similar clinical features: A newly recognized microdeletion syndrome? ›››› Read








-EUROPE - Europeans Still Struggling With Data Privacy Reforms -

- Reforms are underway in the European Union to update current personal data protection legislation. The task is not made any easier by the fact that three bodies, the European Commission, Parliament, and Council need to agree on final legislation. A proposal from the Commission would have loosened existing controls on obtaining subject consent before using personally identifiable data, while however that more liberal reforms have been challenged. Legislators want to limit access to identifiable data without consent only to cases of “high public interest”.

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- WORLD - Cancer Care in the Era of Genomics and Proteomics -

- Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, founder of NantWorks, describes his vision for turning cancer into a chronic but controllable disease by using advanced rapid gene sequencing, supercomputing and other methods of analysis to transcend the genome to the proteome. This approach has the potential to redefine how cancer is diagnosed and to develop therapies precisely tailored to the molecular profile of a particular tumor. Dr. Soon-Shiong anticipates a revolution in drug research, development and delivery of molecularly designed cancer treatments to patients.

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- WORLD - Global pharmacogenomics: Where is the research taking us? -

- Pharmacogenomics research has focused on three major non-communicable categories of disease: cancer, depression and other psychological disorders and cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Few publications - and thus, by extension, little scientific interest - concerned orphan diseases, infectious diseases or maternal health, indicating that pharmacogenomics research over the last decade has replicated the well-known 90/10 ratio in drug development. As such, we argue that research in the field of pharmacogenomics has failed in its promise to contribute to the MDGs by reducing global health inequalities.

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The Panel on Additives and Products or Substances used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) provides independent scientific advice on the safety and/or efficacy of additives and products or substances used in animal feed. The Panel evaluates their safety and/or efficacy for the target species, the user, the consumer of products of animal origin and the environment. It also looks at the efficacy of biological and chemical products/substances intended for deliberate use in animal feed.

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17th Epidemiology and Social Psychiatry



Location: Ulm University, Germany. Date:  21-24 may 2014.

Topics: Global mental health, Physical illness and mental health, Epidemiological methods, Family and psychiatric disorders, User-focused services, Service evaluation and costs.

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- ANIMALS Focus -


Feed additives: 10 years of achievements of the Animal Panel



- International veterinary Congress –



Location: University of Kazan, republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Date: 9-11 April 2014.

Topics: anthropozoonoses, food safety issues, current issues in dairy and beef farming, workshop on veterinary management…

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- UKRAINE Temporary ban on Pork importation - The unstable political situation in the country does not allow local veterinary services to properly monitor the quality of meat products being exported so Russia has imposed a temporary ban on pork imports from Ukraine. This ban could be extended to all type of meat. Analysts suggest the threat might be a further political level to add pressure to Ukraine government but Ukraine supplies Russia for poultry, pork, beef and feed. Russia will have to restore supplies form other countries.

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Genetic Focus


You will notice several articles on genetic questions are published in the April edition. I suggest you to read the Nature Journal which published an article written by Steven E. Brenner and entitled Be prepared for the big genome leak. Genetic field is about to revolutionize medical discipline in all application segments.


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APRIL 2014

European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) 2014



Location: Budapest, Hungary.

Date: 25- 28 June 2014.

Topics: fertility, mortality and longevity, data and methods, development and environment.

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- Pandemic preparedness - Antigenic and genetic characteristics of zoonotic influenza viruses -




Zoonotic influenza viruses continue to be identified and evolve both genetically and antigenically, leading to the need for update of candidate vaccine viruses for pandemic preparedness purposes. Evaluation of the genetic and antigenic characteristics of these viruses, their relationship to existing candidate vaccine viruses, and their potential risks to public health, justify the need to select and develop new candidate vaccine viruses. Selection and development of a candidate vaccine virus represents a first step only towards timely vaccine production and does not imply a recommendation for initiating manufacture.

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