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Epidemiologists of Orient and Asia area have rejoin the Epidemiological group during this month. Enjoy and use this group open address book, in order to locate places where epidemiological activities are taking place! This discipline offers really varied career opportunities in all types of health issues.


GJMEDPH a new global peer review journal in public health

This new global journal in open access is on launching. GJMEDPH is composed of an international editorial board. The editorial members are working to construct methods and its network.  A recent call for article has been sent on Epidemiological news.                                    

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 Epidemiological Measure and Response after Tsunami


The Japan Epidemiological Association plans to educate citizens on the effects of radiation by providing them with relevant information and by collaborating with future epidemiological studies. Especially, providing the surveillance and the evaluation of effect on the thyroid gland and effects of low-dose radiation exposure.*

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- Prevention -


Asbestos - Recommendations / Canada

Given this large number of recommendations, INSPQ prioritized three of them based in part on the expected impact in terms of improving the health of workers and the general population and secondly on improving the monitoring of exposure to asbestos in the population. One of these three priorities is the implementation of a program to monitor levels of asbestos in the mining towns of Quebec.*

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Is that Aspirin

prevents cancer? 



Common painkiller could be a weapon in the fight against cancer.

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APRIL 2012


- Statistics -


Genetic, Physiological, and Lifestyle Predictors of Mortality in the General Population

Authors investigated the quality of 162 variables, focusing on the contribution of genetic markers, used solely or in combination with other characteristics, when predicting mortality. Mortality can be predicted reasonably over a long period*

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- Europe -


Summary report on trends and sources of zoonoses, zoonotic agents and food-borne outbreaks in 2010 - The report provides a comprehensive overview of zoonotic infections and disease outbreaks caused by consuming contaminated food. According to the report, 5,262 food-borne outbreaks were recorded in the European Union (EU), a slight reduction from 2009. Campylobacter, Salmonella and viruses such as norovirus were the most frequently reported causes of food-borne outbreaks.*

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- Networking -


EpiSouth Network and its Electronical Bulletin / World

EpiSouth Network aims at creating a framework of collaboration for the control of public health threats in the Mediterranean region and South East Europe. Electronic bulletin constitutes one of the tools used for the Project’s dissemination. Electronic bulletin is available on-line in English, French and Arabic. *

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- New syndromes emergence  -


The Phenotype of a Germline Mutation in PIGA: The Gene Somatically Mutated in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria ›››› Read the article



Onychocytic matricoma presenting as pachymelanonychia longitudinal. A new entity

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Global Animal Disease Information System World


13th Conference of the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics


From 20th – to 24th August 2012, Maastricht.

Topic: connection between veterinary epidemiology and economics to create the multi disciplinary approach.

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- Législation -


Implementing Decision of European funding

The Commission has approved programs for the eradication and monitoring of animal diseases and zoonoses for 2012 to allow funding by the EU's program to eradicate scrapie and the payment of an advance by Union in programs to eradicate rabies for 2012 .*

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(EMPRES-i) is a web-based application that has been designed to support veterinary services by facilitating the organization and access to regional and global disease information. Timely and reliable disease information enhances early warning and response to transboundary and high impact animal diseases, including emergent zoonoses, and supports prevention, improved management and progressive approach to control*

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