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The user benefits from a monthly updated journal, offering an exclusive processing of international flagship news related to the discipline of epidemiology. Information is adapted for professionals of sector.

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The journal offers exclusive content through the dissemination of newsletters composed of 15 regular categories with archives. No paid subscription is asked for receiving the journal monthly and automatically. All newsletters are published directly within professional networks of epidemiologists.

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The journal edition is closely linked to the activity of professional networks involved in the field of epidemiology. The topics published in the journal are often discussed within exchange spaces of our professional networks.

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The journal has developed a privileged partnership with Vocale Presse :  http://www.vocalepresse.com/, a company that offers an Pressreader application. An audio version of our journal is available for the partially or severely sight impaired. You just need to download the free  software AMIS >>> to be able to enjoy all the news on the first day of publication. Available in English only. 


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(*) This group is non political. It is in no way a lobby group, a corporation or a political party.

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ISSN 2262-1997

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Stéphanie Patin

MSc Epidemiology and clinical research, specialized in health evaluation



Associated editor



Legislation in veterinary

Giuseppe Noce

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,

Doctor of Philosophy PhD



Spellchecking of articles

Frédérique Monin Shelley

Cambridge examiner for YLE, KET, PET and FCE

Teaching English to French kids, teenagers, adults and foreigners

FR-EN/EN-FR translator





Hector Tinoco Gracia

Doctor Philosophy of Science,

Consultant Director  Specialized  Biopharmaceutical